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ColourVue Prescription & Cosmetic Coloured Contact Lenses

Full range TGA approved

The most popular coloured prescription contact lens range in Europe is now available in Australia!

Selected optometrists and retailers are now able to offer our range of high quality contact lenses. All lenses are produced using our patented Hydrogel technology, for high oxygen permeability; its unique 3 layer colour sandwiching method prevents the colours coming in contact with the eye, ensuring safe wear without side effect.

Chosen for the dynamic designs, highest quality and widest range of colours and styles in the market, customers across Australia are now asking for ColourVue. Whether looking for a simple colour change, or for the perfect addition to a party outfit, they are choosing ColourVue.

The beauty collection includes six different ranges; Fusion, Glamour, Big Eyes, 3 Tones, Stars and Jewel eyes. The lenses are all designed to enhance the natural eye colour, and within each range deepen or lighten, a complete change of colour or even enlarge the eye with a natural ring.

Capitalise on the widest range of coloured prescription lenses available in Australia; more than 100 designs available.

ColourVue Contact Lenses are sold through optometrists in the UK, Germany and many practises in Australia.

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards, which is reflected in our strong record of sales and long-term wholesale relationships. Our contact lenses are produced using tri-layer sandwich technology which protects the eye from irritation as well as preserving the colour of the lens.

As well as being high quality, they are also great value with a three month usage period for all prescription contact lenses.

We also supply a complete range of modern marketing support materials, including personalised posters for your store, online ad’s, canvas banners as well as brochures and counter cards and stands for your store. Take some time to look through our marketing materials page, we always upload new material.

Orders placed before 4pm AEST, can be delivered the next business day.